To love is within

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Boobies are fucking amazing…

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. (by neon.tambourine)


HOV & Pharrell


“our 24 hr sexcapade starts now!” “noooo it doesnt count!”
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ajNYCe T$M 
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I feel like there’s nothing to say,
Nothing to do.
Feeling so real.
.. But it was nothing, really
My infatuation.
Your pleasure,
My pain and triumph.
I cheated and told you to get over it!
You would feel like shit, would wanna bang my head into a wall.
Rip my heart out.
Is she even human? You would ask that right?
Don’t think.
Don’t ask.
Don’t explain.
Just do.
Your a dog, so I have to pet you.
Couldn’t train you.
But you trained me, I was the pet.
I barked if you asked.
I ran when said to.
Mind was gone when you were around.
Took you back just like that.
It was okay.
.. So I thought
My mind was in the clouds
My head, well it was on my body
There’s nothing to say
Nothing to take back.
Took everything from me.

03-22 Thoughts

How would you know if someone is there for you?

How would you know if they love you for real?

Love once Love.

Turns into the epitome of hatred, sadness and pain.

Thinking I knew.

Thinking I felt. 

You felt, all over me.

Grabbing my breasts, my ass. 


Love once Love.

Lust? From the start.

My eyes, I borrowed from someone else. 

Excuse the blindness.

Love once Love.

Bloody tears stroll.

Heart pumps on & off,

Mostly off.

So right now, I’m dead,

Well you,

Yeah you’re alive.

Breathing up all of the contents within me.

I have no more.

Move along to the next.

Love once Love,

Always Lust.

Bite my neck, pull my hair, lick my ear, tell me, tell me everything I want to know(hear).

Yeah, that was lust.

Love once Love?

Never, always lust.

So when he says:  ”I Love You” ,

I make him prove it. 

"Your actions shall speak louder than your words"

Love is Love.

And I want it.

"It hurts! It fucking hurts!"
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Today in the sun.